Sir Mailmanbro, The Prompt


Yes, yes, I know I am very late. Luckily for us, the mighty and merciless Sir Mailmanbro was not.

Through the hectic holiday season and beyond, our friendly neighborhood Mailmanbro delivered. Through thick sea mists and thin mountain air, he delivered. When times were rough and times were glad, he delivered. This unrelenting force of nature has guided us metalheads to the promised land with his small envelopes and large parcels. Scroll down below to see what this knight of all things good has brought to the great people of the Toilet.

slipjackthewanderer was presented with Kayo Dot and Code Orange



Bertbannana scored a major haul from Mailmanbro AND Merchmanbro to include; Sleep, Antlers, Anal Trump, P.L.F., Mare Cognitum, Gas Chmaber, Perturbator and more



The Toilet’s favorite clown, Sweetooth0 got a pretty sick hoodie and a Chronobot CD



Dumpster Lung has been amassing quite the collection over the past few months with pieces from Bolt Thrower, Iron Reagan, Skeletonwitch, Black Breath, Uada and more. And look at those shirts! Death, Khemmis, Blood Incantation and High on Fire, just to name a few.

16216369_10210565026976977_1597827144_n 16244781_10210565025896950_1802272732_o16196444_10210565027176982_551652863_o


Bright and shining Spear was granted some choice cuts to include Maeth, Insomnium, Vektor, Sojourner, Saor and more

spear spear2


The mysterious NDG had Mailmanbro working overtime on his haul. He picked up Midnight, Bolzer, Misfits, Khemmis, Step Aside, Vanity and much more

ndg ndg2 ndg3


To Big Tasty the Mailmanbro brought a plethora of goodies that include Death, Wormrot, Gorguts, The Black Dahlia Murder and a pretty swell Dormant Ordeal shirt

bigtasty bigtasty2


Jom Pooterson was delivered some classics to include Edge of Sanity(MY MAN!!) and Dissection



Regardless of what his name suggests, the Mailmanbro found the Elusive Samsqauch and gave him Kvelertak, Devin Townshend Project, Dischordia and more

elusive samsquanch


Something happened to Pagliacci’s 20BuckSpin haul but was still lucky enough to receive a 3CD Summoning Tribute box set and the newest Saor

pagiliaci pagiliaci2


The mighty Beargod Karhu scored a decent haul to include a Trigger shirt, Melopoeia test press cassette and CDs from Totale VernichtungTukkanuottaNegura Bunget and BLIND GUARDIAN. Also, Bandcampbro had the hook up as well with some crucial Dungeon Synth releases and more

otto otto2


The Mailmanbro was kind enough to provide me with two of my favorite releases from last year, Maligner and Discharge as well as a handful of classic patches and the latest Oldenhelm tape. Comicstorebro hooked me up with 2 of my favorite characters in Pop format



The one only known as the Elegant Gazing Globe proved that we are all but meager wimps and posers and that it would suit us best to leave the hall. His first picture needs absolutely no introduction except for maybe that every piece came from the personal collection of Karl Sanders of Nile fame. the second picture is EGG’s personal top 10 of 2016 presented in record format. Congrats EGG, you win this month.

EGG egg2


Oh, and Richter got some shirts.


Now it is your turn! Discuss what Mailmanbro has bestowed upon you in the past few months and share some pictures while you’re at it!


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