Premiere: Helslave’s Divination Full EP Stream


A couple of weeks back we brought you a track premiere from Helslave‘s upcoming release and today we’re pleased as hell to present the rest of the EP to you courtesy of the legends over at Black Market Metal Label. Stretch that neck, this one’s a rager!

While you’re warming up those neck muscles, there’s just a few things I’d like you to consider before we dive in, a little friendly reminder for those who get complacent. Before you bring up the abundance of 90’s Swedeath influenced bands that still prevail to this day, I’d just like you to ask yourself these few questions –

Who was there for you in the early 90’s when thrash became overrun with big name producers and stale song-writing?

Who was there for you at the turn of the millennium when nü-metal came rollin’ in to take your dolla bills, clad in its counterfeit jnco’s threatening to break stuff for a chance at your significant other’s nookie?

Who was there for you in mid-2000’s when the swarms of emo kids moved in and decided to appropriate your culture, replacing riffs with chugga chuggas and swoop hair cuts?

Who was there for you a few years ago when USDM jumped the shark and was eventually admitted to the Illud Dividum Insanus asylum?

The answer? European Death Metal. European Death Metal was there for you.

European Death Metal was always there for you, and thanks to bands like Helslave, European Death Metal will always be there for you. The real question is, will you be there for European Death Metal? Today, for as little as €4 you can show your support for the genre that’s always been there for you.

Helslave’s Divination releases today, head on over to their Bandcamp page to pick up your copy now.

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