Track Premiere: Ade – “Obolvs”


I really wanted to pretend like this was about Adriana from the Sopranos but like I guess I don’t want to draw these guys into a joke that stupid when I’m supposed to be doing them a favor so fuck it. I could have, though.

Obolvs feels like a resort vacation, at some place with like a rootsy ancient décor but all the modern amenities. The earth tones on the cover sell the ‘ancient’, and the crisp guitar tone sells the ‘modern’. It’s that kind of death metal that’s big on controlled volleys of speed to spice up a groovy edifice, and cinches it together with an intricate seam of tasty, baroque leadwork. It’s probably one of the more listenable things to come out of Italy since the 1400s.

Toss Ade a few denarii on Bandcamp or whichever lesser site you choose to conduct your musical marketeering. OBOLVS is out independently today, and you can check them out on Zuccbook!

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