Altar of Plagues Release Live Album, Continue to Be Rad Dudes


Back in 2013, Altar of Plagues decided to call it quits with one heck of a farewell album in the form of Teethed Glory and Injury. As my pal Stockhausen reported in December 2014, though, the band decided to play a handful of one-off shows for free as a thank you to friends for supporting the band. One of those shows, performed on March 14, 2015, was at Club Colectiv in Bucharest, the site of the deadly fire that killed 64 people later that year. AoP, once again demonstrating their integrity, have released a free live album featuring a recording from that concert as a tribute to the lives lost in the deadly fire.

The band explained their rationale for the live album in a Facebook post earlier this week.

The live album, which is “name your price” over at Bandcamp, features the following songs split into three tracks:

Mills (Teethed Glory and Injury)
God Alone (Teethed Glory and Injury)
Neptune is Dead (Mammal)
12 Was Ruin (Teethed Glory and Injury)
Scald Scar of Water (Teethed Glory and Injury)
Feather and Bone (Mammal)
All Life Converges to Some Center (Mammal)

I’ve listened to the live recording a couple times now, and the audio quality is fantastic. The one-two punch of dissonant agony created by “Mills” and “God Alone” shines through the crowd noise and ambient fog, welcoming you into the rapture of an Altar of Plagues performance. I’m glad some tracks from Mammal made it into the set as well, demonstrating the ragged, visceral atmosphere the band is able to craft with their unique take on black metal. Every instrument sounds sharp, and the production captures that raw energy you can only hear in a live setting. Simply put, it’s a thrill to listen to this and certainly makes you feel as though you’re there in the charred halls of Club Colectiv.

This album is a fitting tribute to the memories of the departed and is certainly worth sparing a few dollars to support.

Thanks again for being awesome, Altar of Plagues.

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