An Incomplete List Of Bad Album Art Vol. 1


No, I can’t do any better, but I have enough sense not to try in the first place.

Art is subjective. One metalhead’s trash is another metalhead’s treasure. How else can you explain something like Rocklahoma? Something that you like another will hate. That’s just life. It’s only natural to want to scream out into the void of the internet “That’s not that bad!” or “FLUSSSSSHHHHHH” or “We need ethics in journalism!”

Below are 50 examples of bad album art gathered by the writers and readers of Toilet Ov Hell (so don’t yell at me if you disagree). For some, the actual designs and work are bad. For others, it’s the subject matter. This list has nothing to do with the content or quality of the music. It’s all about the album art. The following examples are not in any particular order. If you read the title of the post, this is just Volume 1, which implies that yes, there will be more posts. Don’t see an album that has really terrible artwork? Post a link to it in the comments section and we’ll use it on a future edition.


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