Get Beastly this Sunday with the L.A. Beast


We all do extreme things from time to time. Each of us can probably look back at one or more events from our past and think, “Yeah, that was pretty metal!” Maybe it was that time you blew up a couch in the apartment parking lot, leaving only a burnt-out husk as a grim warden to welcome the new tenants on move-in day. Maybe it was that time you drank enough booze to kill a grown elephant and proudly shrieked “I’M A DRAGON!” while vomiting on other party-goers. Maybe it was that time you put on a gorilla costume and skulked around in the woods at a campsite, scaring many of the young ladies gathered around the campfire. Whatever it was, it pales in comparison to the absolutely gnarly videos published on the reg by YouTube user skippy62able, otherwise known as the LA Beast.

The LA Beast is a YouTube celebrity who has clawed his way to the top of the subscription pile by doing one thing: eating gross food. A lot of it. The skippy62able YouTube channel is regularly updated every few weeks with a brand new video of LA Beast destroying his body with some revolting new challenge. Most of his videos end in him puking, and by golly can that guy puke. Just check out this video of him drinking a gallon of Tabasco sauce (from which I snipped the cover photo).

There was also the time he ate 26 ghost peppers in 6 minutes.

Or perhaps the most horrifying moment was when he ate 60 eggs while hanging upside down, puked the eggs out into a skillet, fried the vomit into an omelette, then proceeded to ingest that vomit omelette (what a fun combination of words).

Some say being metal is about going to extremes, and the LA Beast certainly does just that. For making a living by regularly putting awful things in his body (like a non-de-needled cactus), the LA Beast gets my salute as the most metal man of the month. Check out his YouTube channel here and share your most metal moment in the comments below.

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