Toilet ov Hell Radio Ep. 7: Randall’s Return


In this episode of Radio Toilet ov Hell, Joe and Randall discuss creepy venues in remote areas, whether or not Sleep is overrated, and how much Joe sucks at Dark Souls. This week features music from Kids Having Kids, Maleficence, Octopede, Cadaveric Fumes, and Ghosts of Sailors at Sea.

Music featured in this program:

Kids Having Kids – “Unmake the Maker” from Shitstorm Armageddon (Facebook)(Bandcamp)
Maleficence – “Pyre of Penitence” from Realms of Mortification out May 6th on Blood Harvest (Preorder)(Facebook)(Mini-review)
Octopede – “Blister” from a split tape release with Straya,, and Sex Problem (Facebook)(Bandcamp)
Cadaveric Fumes – “Crepuscular Journey” from Dimensions Obscure (Facebook)(Bandcamp)(Review)
Ghosts of Sailors at Sea – “Mary Celeste” from Red Sky Morning (Facebook)(Bandcamp)

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