Aphex Twin Announces New Album, SYRO


Today in non-metal news you should be excited about:

Richard D. James, the biggest name in weirdo electronic compositions is making his triumphant return as Aphex Twin from a very long hiatus. Just yesterday, it was revealed that he has a new album coming soon titled SYRO, his first studio album since 2001’s Drukqs. 

Over the weekend, a giant green blimp emblazoned with “2014” (with the Aphex Twin logo as the zero) was spotted floating above London. Advertising! The anticipation was further stoked when the official Aphex Twin Twitter account posted a link to an onion site on Tor. The image within, appears to be some kind of track list. It can be seen in the image at the top of this post or, you can use your normal, non-creepy browser to see it here. There’s no release date yet, but maybe he’ll ship select members of the press mis-ordered punched cards with that information.

As is tradition with any mention of Aphex Twin ever, we will now participate in the ceremonial viewing of “Windowlicker”.

What do we think? Do we care? How many units will an experimental electronic record ship in 2014? Discuss below!


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