Flush it Friday: The Dimetroson


Fledgling me was big into dinos (as you would assume), but the previous apex predators were cool as h*qq too. Dimetrodons are commonly thought of as dinosaurs, but they went extinct a measly 40 million years before the first of the “terrible lizards” walked the planet. (Though reptilian to the eye, dimetrodons are more closely related to mammals than lizards.) The most notable feature of these critters is the strange dorsal sail, which has stumped scientists since the species’ discovery. Was it used in thermoregulation? As a literal sail while swimming? To attract mates? We might never know, but it’s an alluring mystery all the same. Also, check out this inaccurate old drawing. It’s hilarious!

Hans with the Hexer review (I’d try to make a pun here, but he already made the best one possible to start the review):

Review: Hexer – Abyssal

Beavis Christ premiered that siqq new Aphotic:

Track Premiere: Aphotic – “Abyssgazer”

Joe TnK and 365 took a shot at quite a few topics on this ‘sode of Toilet Radio:

Toilet Radio 421 – Regurgitated Youth

What’s your fav ancient critter that isn’t a dino? Fossilizedeez nuts along with your G/B/Us below! ~<3 Roldy

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