Premiere: Sarcator – “Dreameater”


Brooding blackened prog

If the multiple hundreds of Toilet Tuesday articles haven’t given it away, one of my favorite things to do around here is highlight up and coming new bands, especially when those bands haven’t yet established a solid foothold in the scene yet. Trollhättan’s Sarcator are just such a band, having won some acclaim locally with their self-titled release two years ago and looking to make their mark on the wider world now. The band has some ferocious blackened thrash chops, but the song we’ve got for you today is a little different from their usual bag.

“Dreameater” is a slower, creepier affair than the blistering storm of riffs of their other work (the rest of this album included). Its primary motif starts off on clean guitar in an unusual meter, slowly getting harsher and more aggressive as the song progresses. It’s well paced in spite of its hefty run time, and I’m a fan of the clean (but not overly processed) production job. It sounds good, it’s fun, and it’s interesting- everything that you want from a song like this. Check it out for yourself now:

Alkahest releases on October 21st via Black Lion Records. Preorder it on Bandcamp, and drop Sarcator a follow on Facebook.

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