Are You a Good Cop, Hotshot?


Ladies and gentlemen, meet Boddicker, a nasty little black’n’roll band from Indianapolis, IN. Their most recent release, Crime Upheaval, came out last month, and we present it here for your streaming pleasure.

Boddicker christened themselves after the gun-toting, cop-killing antagonist from Robocop, and let me tell you, it’s a suiting moniker. Over the course of this short trip through the seedy underbelly of Crime Upheaval, you’ll be bludgeoned by a relentless barrage of battering D-beats, fuzz-drenched distortion, and violent, vitriolic, vocals. Suitably, it’s kind of the audio equivalent of Officer Murphy getting lit up at the beginning of Robocop. Is the name starting to make sense now?

For all the furious riffing and gratuitous grinding the Indiana quartet churn out, though, I’m partial to the tracks where the band slows their amphetamine-fueled fury down a beat or two and hammers out the really sinister body-blows. Check out “Halo of Bullets,” “Vigilante” and “The Isolationist” if you want your face pummeled. Mercifully, none of the songs on the album run over the three minute mark, so you can catch a breath between short cuts to get your heart-rate down.

If you aren’t a poser, you can stream Crime Upheaval, as well as a number of splits with Late August, Nuclear Hellfrost, Paucities, Misanthropic Noise, and Parasitic Twins on their Bandcamp page. Otherwise, we suggest you leave the convenience store.

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