The Acacia Strain Have a New Song, New Album, and Amazing Preorders


I don’t know how you feel about The Acacia Strain but I dig them. If you’re a fan of absurdly hard riffs and silly preorder packages, get in here.

Pit warriors, gather! The Acacia Strain are back with a new full-length for you to mosh all living things into oblivion. Let’s get right to it. Here’s the newest tune, titled “Cauterizer” from the new album Coma Witch. I dig the song though the video seems completely unnecessary.


This hits most of my sweet spots. It seems the band is going back to their absurdly heavy roots, eschewing the Meshuggah-worship of their previous album Death is the Only Mortal. There are FIFTEEN different preorder packages you can choose from. Some of the options include camo gym shorts, a ring that will never ever fit you, and super-caffinated Acacia Strain-branded coffee! Just take a look at this.!


Coma Witch is out October 15th on Rise Records. I’m stoked. If you’re not, it’s cool. Just yell at me below.

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