After the Smoke Clears, We’ll Still Be Here


Things happened last night. We should talk about them.

I’m not entirely sure what happened in America last night. I’ve got a bundle of theories as to how and why so many Americans decided to vote for Donald Trump, the least electable man in modern politics, but my own predictions for this election turned out to be absurdly wrong. I obviously don’t know much about anything, so take this all with a grain of salt.

The working poor, an increasingly large portion of the country, have been shamed and ignored by Democrats and Republicans for decades. Rather than taking up their cause, the Democratic establishment has been content to pretend that impoverished Americans are simply backwoods morons. Their voices came through last night when they roundly decided to reject the status quo, in hopes that an anti-establishment outsider might finally represent their interests.

The American Left was roundly rejected in the Democratic primary when the DNC colluded to close their resources to a hugely popular candidate that represented populist progressive policies. Democratic pundits chose to denigrate jilted Sanders supporters as clueless Millennials. Clinton’s campaign made no effort to embrace progressive policies, instead choosing to adopt a further centrist position with the endorsement of many Republican politicians. Many of these Leftists opted to stay home, rather than vote for a candidate they didn’t think represented their interests.

Hillary Clinton has been wildly unpopular with the American electorate for twenty years. Many people dislike her for her politics. Many people dislike her for her close-knit relationships with bankers, foreign governments, and war criminals like Henry Kissinger. And of course, many misogynists hate her simply because of her gender. Some voted Trump, many more simply stayed home.

America is also a deeply hateful country. White supremacists came out of the woodwork to publicly support the candidate that promised closed borders, forced deportations, and expressed contempt for almost every minority group in the nation. These angry people assembled and voted with gusto.

These factors, and countless more, have influenced the result of the biggest election in the world. Donald Trump will be President of the United States. Today, the specter of fascism looms heavily over America and the grifters will swarm out from the woodwork. Though I should abstain from making any more predictions, I predict life is going to be very hard for a massive portion of America, and likely for the world at large.

Allow me one more prediction: I believe that we can overcome any hardship that comes our way.

Though the United States legislative and executive branch are firmly in the hands of terrifyingly cynical and nihilistic leaders, it’s essential to remember that not all is lost. Life is going to be hard. Things will probably not be OK. But together we will keep going.

An individual’s sphere of influence is small. Our voices are limited to our families, our friends, and our communities. Rather than lament our small place in the world, we must embrace our loved ones and work for our communities. They are the few things that can comfort and support us in times of need.

Though it’s a weird little toilet-themed heavy metal blog, I’m proud that Toilet ov Hell is a strong, supportive online community. The people here have formed real, lasting friendships, and supported each other in myriad ways. No one knows what will happen next. Many of us have real reasons to be afraid. We will support you.

I’m a white, middle-class man. I don’t face the prejudice or danger that many immigrants, people of color, impoverished people, LBGTQ, and women must confront. But if I’ve learned anything in the two-and-a-half years this silly website has existed, it is that this community will always work to help our own. Fight for the causes you believe in. Never quit making or supporting the art you love. And we will carry on.

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