Toilet ov Hell Radio Ep. 17: DON’T BE A WEINER


On this episode, Joe and Randall are talkin’ bootleg merch, cringey metalheads, and bands that act like wieners. We’re jamming sweet new tunes from AZIZA, Horseburner, Void Omnia, and Coscradh. Come hang out!

AZIZA – “Mana Razor” from High Hopes Are at an All-Time Low (Bandcamp)(Facebook)
Horseburner –
“Replenishment” from Dead Seeds, Barren Soil (Bandcamp)(Facebook)
Void Omnia
– “Singularity” from Dying Light (Bandcamp)(Facebook)
Coscradh – “Buried” from DEMO MMXVI (Bandcamp)(Facebook)

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