Best New Band of the Month: Black Peaks


This is a band about which I would say “it is a good band, this one”.

A couple of years ago I attended a gig in my hometown to see a band called Shrine, billed as “Math Rock from Brighton, UK”. I had never heard of them before but I decided to go check them out anyway because they sounded really interesting. It was a weekday and there was barely anyone there, but they KILLED it and I’m really glad I went; they made a very good impression on me and I started following their progress on social media.

Two years and a name change later, Black Peaks are about to release their debut full length album, and if both songs released at this point are any indication, it’s going to rule pretty hard. Warning: I don’t think this qualifies entirely as “metal”, so stay away if clean vocals or mustaches bug you. Thank you for your consideration.

Playing what I could best describe as “Alternative Post-Math Rock”, Black Peaks fuse sung vocals and screams, straightforward bits and more spazzy beats, and even some super sexy sax stuff (courtesy of vocalist Will Gardner).  It might not be terribly evident, but I can assure you that these dudes are really, really good musicians who are amazingly tight in a live setting; drummer Liam Kearley in particular struck me as a real force to be reckoned with.

As “indie” as they may seem on the surface, their live show was intense enough to warrant the approval of several old-school Death Metal d00dz who were in attendance, and that’s a dang hard feat to accomplish right there. I’d wager you’d be into this if you like The Mars Volta, Mastodon and The Dillinger Escape Plan.

Enough words from me, this band is great and deserve more attention. Black Peaks’ debut album comes out later this year. I haven’t seen anything happening yet, but I assume the album will be available on their bandcamp page as soon as it’s released. Be sure to like them on caralibro, tuita and all that good stuff too.

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