Flush it Friday: Read Sabriel, You Cowards


Australian horror/fantasy isn’t just a description of reaching for the date roll and finding a Sydney Funnel Web hiding away in the dunny—it’s also the genre of Garth Nix’s 1995 novel Sabriel. I honestly have no idea if the book is popular, but it hasn’t been bastardized for PG-13 audiences yet, so it must remain somewhat kvlt. This tale concerns the travels of the Abhorsen, a powerful necromancer that binds the dead with a set of magic bells, on a quest to find her missing father.

It’s grim, sometimes funny and always full of imaginative world-building; it’s also very close to my heart, having been a real bonding experience for me and my closest friend growing up. Don’t be thrown off by the YA categorization—as is often the case (and was especially so in the early years of the “genre’s” appearance), this tag is meant to discredit talented young authors who have the old heads afraid they won’t be able to phone it in for their next piece. Also, look how h*qqin’ cool this artwork is:

I don’t have a segue into the sweet, sweet Toilet content this week. Just go read the goddamn book.

Richter did his weird thing in his Victory Over the Sun review:

Victory Over the Sun — A Tessitura of Transfiguration

McNulty summoned the Apocalypse with an exclusive track premiere from Portugal’s Colosso:

Exclusive Premiere: Colosso – “Death”

Lord of Bork reviewed the latest Bohren & der Club of Gore. He determined it’s anything but bohren (I’m sorry, I already used the equally terrible “der Club of Bork” “joke” on FB):

Review: Bohren & der Club of Gore – Patchouli Blue

Sepulcrustacean transcended the realms of death with a new split from the boiz in Garroted and Calcemia:

Garroted & Calcemia – Transcending the Esoteric Plane

I want to see the G/B/Us. I want to see ’em as far as my owl eyes can see. If this post gets 100 comments, I’ll eat an entire vole. Without any milk!

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