Free Metal Detector: Abominism


Big bad riffs. Tiny little price.

Where’s your 9am Tech-Death Thursday you ask? Well, full disclosure – as many of you know Joe is currently doing terrible Seppopotamian tourist shit in Japan, this means he’s nearly caught up in my ungodly +11 UTC zone, and ya boy Spear is running on a different work shift at the moment. What does this have to do with your precious weekly teqq feed? Well, to cut a convoluted story short, there’ll be nobody awake to schedule the post. So instead, I thought you hogs could check out this gargantuan Name Your Price find I was alerted to just yesterday. Deal? If not, sucked in.

Abominism is a new blackened death project arising from Philadelphia, and if you haven’t grabbed this one by the time you get to the third track, you’re a deadset clown. Once I hit the massive main riff to ‘To Live, Dream, And Yet Die As Nothing’ I was fucking sold. Abominism’s monstrous sound is the work of Steven Baker, who handles the instrumentation, with the thick-throated growls coming from John Dunn. Their sound is at once dark, technical, and dense.

Steven’s riffing style is a bit too varied to be easily pinned into a single frame, but on first glance it will likely appeal to fans of Alterage, Ominous Circle, or even Embrace Of Thorns, however all of that obsidian energy is focused through the lens of technical death metal. This alone makes for an interesting listen. Hearing the spasmodic shredding cede to those oppressive modern black metal melodic ideas, with dashes of dissonance and touches of sinister harmonisation (check out ‘Seed Of Intangible Dwelling’), show not just skilled songcrafting but powerful hybridisation potential.

Check it out for yourself –

Honestly, I’d have liked to of given this one a more thorough run-down but the aforementioned scheduling situation means I needed to cobble this together at a moment’s notice. As we always say for these Free Metal Detector posts, you can technically download them at no cost, but you’re encouraged to reciprocate the artist’s generosity and swing them at least a few bucks for their troubles. And as we mentioned on the latest Kevin Hufnagel post, if you really can’t manage a dollar or three, make sure you at least share the post around and spread the word about the music. Related:

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