Trv Kvlt KrowdSourcing Vol. 1


Rather than come up with a new article every single time I see a KickStarter worthy of my attention, I’ve decided to start doing a weekly or bi-weekly (AKA whenever I have nothing to do at work) update on which KickStarters, IndieGogos, blah blah blahs you should be looking at. I’m actually a big fan of bands who crowd source, because I think it’s a good way to stick it to the shitty record labels that aren’t willing to take a chance on bands with actual music as opposed to bands they keep trying to tell us we want to see.

This week, there’s a few good bands that are asking you to take a chance on them. Here are my favorites:

MIDNITE HELLIONThe First Full Length
Midnite Hellion is one of those great local bands that consistently puts out good music and plays good shows. Based in Jersey, they’re an old-school four-piece that utilizes each band member for everything they’re worth. A perfect match for metal fans that enjoy that “classic” style with good harmonies and vocals. They remind me a lot of Priest, with female vocals that are very reminiscent of 70’s Halford. Check out their single, “Hour of the Wolf.” As of right now, they’re only about 76% toward their extremely modest goal of $2,200. Believe me, this is a pittance when it comes to funding a full studio album (for comparison’s sake, it can cost between $1-4k to record a song with a professional producer) so if you have any spare change to throw at someone in need, consider these guys.


Wilderun2nd Full Length Album
For the folk/power metal fans out there, Wilderun is a great example of good musicianship and storytelling. If you’re on your way to the renaissance faire and you want something to play in your car, consider Wilderun! They alternate between clean and gutteral vocals with both guitars and folk instruments so there’s a little something for everyone. Check out their fun track, “Storm Along” for a great example of their jam. Another band with a modest goal ($5k), they’re currently a little past half-way toward finishing with a few weeks left. Grab an ale and send them your doubloons.


 Veronica Freeman‘s Now or Never
Last but not least, we’ve got Veronica Freeman of Benedictum and her KickStarter to raise funds for a solo album. Veronica Freeman is arguably one of the best metal vocalists in the business (yes, that includes men), and sounds kind of like a female Dio mixed with Leather Leone. She has put out some great albums with her band and is constantly working, but that has not stopped her from writing more music and doing lots of other projects, so this is one of them. Check out a song from the last Benedictum album, Fractured, to get an idea of her incredible range and strength. She’s been in the business for a long time, so don’t be surprised by all the names of people helping her get the word out (Michael Sweet from Stryper, Jeff Pilson, John Herrera, Mike Lepond, Tony Martin,Leather Leone, Ryan Greene, Kenny Lewis, Peter Tentindo, Meliesa McDonell, and Michael Harris). Especially don’t be surprised if a few of them wind up on the album itself.

Of course, I don’t have time to check out every single crowd-funding campaign in the universe, so I’ve probably missed out on some good ones. Share your picks in the comments section and help out your favorite musicians, because this is probably going to be how more and more bands will be funding their music from now on. Bottom line – if you like music, throw some money at it. You get the music, and the musicians get to make it. Everyone wins.

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