Bump N’ Grind: The Ron Deuce Edition


Greetings toilet dwellers, Ron Deuce here. I’ve scoured the web for some of the finest grind that may not have hit your eardrums yet. Join me as I take you through some quality jams from my treasure trove of blast beats.


Thick Piss
A couple of months ago W. introduced us some grindcore done right with the very excellent Radiation Vomit. I’ve been listening to them daily like it’s my job. They’re not breaking any new ground but they are playing grind the way it should be played – fast, loud, and noisy. Which brings us to Hamilton Ontario’s, Thick Piss. These Canucks are employing the tried and true tactics of good grind; blast beats a plenty, a dual high-low vocal attack, punk riffs, and satirical song titles like “I’m Not Punk”. Thick Piss sound like earlier Napalm Death; some of the riffing reminds me of stuff straight off of Utopia Banished. This whole demo is 12 tracks in around 11 minutes which tells you most songs hover around the 1 minute range. That’s a nice serving of music in a short period of time. And to top it all off, the last track on the demo is a great cover of Napalm Death’s “Lucid Fairytale”. The band doesn’t take themselves too seriously either; their Facebook page lists the band members as follows: Becky Breakfast – Vox, Shitty-er Danzig – Riffs, Kale Satan – Skin beater and Spa-Gheddy Lee – Low end. I don’t know about you but I enjoy the fact that these dudes are ignorant jerkoffs.

If Meghan Trainor was truly all about dat bass she would listen to Sweden’s Tortyr because the low end on this thing rumbles to sub zero frequencies. Dat bass is accompanied by a layer of guitars so crusty that to describe them as such doesn’t even do it justice. This here is some dirty underwear crust, my friends. The skid marks this leaves in your draws ain’t comin’ out. The music is some fierce angry D-beat/crust and the vocals sound very similar to one Tomas Lindberg of At the Gates. A Google search reveals that this album was released in 2009 but other than that I cannot determine if these guys are an active band anymore. If you dig the song below, I absolutely recommend searching out the whole album because it rages just like this from start to finish.

I think the woman on this album cover is dating the guy from the cover of Primitive Man’s Scorn. They may have even roughed up the same dude.

Tortyr - Primitive Man




Of all the bands in this post, Miami, FL’s Devalued are the most difficult to pin down. They dabble in grind but there’s also a punk/hardcore/D-beat vibe with a dash of sludge. Most of the songs on their demo, Plagues feature this cross pollination of genres throughout it’s 10 tracks, but it doesn’t sound forced; they blend all the styles seamlessly. This demo was actually recorded by Maruta’s Mauro Cordoba and the sound quality is pretty impressive. The drums, bass and guitars all sound above average for what is being advertised as a demo. This was recorded in 2012 and as far as I can tell from the band’s Facebook page, they’re still active so I’m looking forward to what these guys do next because the material on Plagues certainly is some quality stuff. I recommend starting off with the song “Coke Dick” for a first taste, then check the rest because it’s an enjoyable listen throughout.


Of Feather And Bone
Do you like breakdowns with your grind? If the answer is yes then Denver, CO’s Of Feather and Bone are happy to oblige. Of Feather and Bone walk a fine line between being a hardcore band and a grind band. They manage to work a breakdown into every song on their EP Adorned In Decay. Whether this was done intentionally or if it’s just the natural ebb and flow of the songs doesn’t matter because they all seem to fit in the context of their songs. The breakdowns are nicely timed and don’t hang around long enough to bore you. In addition to this EP, Of Feather and Bone also released a split with another one of my personal fav’s, Reproacher in 2014 (Bonus material – Reproacher sounds to me like Primitive Man only a little more hardcore, and a little less doom). Check out Adorned In Decay below and step up on your mosh skills.


And to round things out, I leave you with Portugal’s Besta. Out of all the band’s in this post, I hold these guys in the highest regard. When my friends come to me for that top shelf liquor of grindcore, they say “give us the Hennessy, give us the Courvoisier, give us the Johnnie Walker Black” and I give them Besta. You may be thinking that the word “besta” means “best”,  but it actually translates to “beast” in Portuguese and this band a damn beast. Their brand of Nasum/Napalm Death styled grind is very much on par with their contemporaries. Their songs are generally 1 – 1 1/2 minutes of grinding fury. The musicianship, songwriting and recordings are all top quality. I hope these guys get more exposure because they really are a cut above the rest. Don’t believe me? Give Herege a spin. It will plow through you in a very brief 5+ minutes and dare you not to hit replay when you’re done.

If these tunes please your ears, whip out your Bad Muthafucka wallet and throw these bands some coin because we all know that Grind Don’t Pay! And remember…

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