Make Album Artwork Great Again


Trumpdown to Extinction.

Artwork for metal albums is in need of a bigly overhaul. Intricate drawings? Tech death bands using the failing color purple? Lame concepts? Weak thoughts and planning? Sad! It’s time to make metal album artwork great again. What better way to do that than by injecting the visage of the man who lost the popular vote by almost 3 million?

Sure, Donald Trump may be historically unpopular and is managing to piss away every last cent this country has but that doesn’t mean the pussy-grabber-in-chief can’t inject a little life into the metal world? I mean, he’s doing wonders for his own family’s careers. Sure, he has a whole bunch of misogynists, racists, fascists and anti-Semites working for and supporting him, but when has that ever stopped the metal world at large from plunking down their money? It’s all about the riffs anyway, amirite? Just take a look at these new and improved album covers for proof? If you disagree, you’re violating my First Amendment rights, you stupid SJW cucksandwich.

Ugh, I feel gross typing all that. Just look at the silly pictures created by ToH writers CyberneticOrganism, Ron Deuce, Lacertilian, Stockhausen and myself. Maybe they’ll make you laugh through all the crippling depression and poverty.



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