Premiere: Unflesh – “Bestowal of Decay”


Death by flensing

Unflesh serves not only as the band’s name, but as the perfect descriptor of their music. It rips, it slices, it cuts straight to the bone; this is some of the most vicious blackened tech death I’ve heard in some time. They take the melodic sensibility of Arsis and filter it through the technical attack of Enfold Darkness and the extended range proficiency of Revocation; those are some lofty comparisons, but they are well-earned. I am pleased as hell to bring you “Bestowal of Decay,” the first single from their upcoming full-length debut, Savior:

The band’s 2016 EP, Transcendence to Eternal Obscurity, was already a pretty hefty work of tech death (due in no small part to Hannes Grossmann‘s intense drum performance), but they seek to top it in every respect on Saviors. “Bestowal of Decay” shows that they’re serious about it; it’s faster, more technical, and covers a far wider range of the fretboard in one song than anything they’ve done previously, but it’s also catchier and more melodic. Ryan Beevers, the project’s brainchild, has rounded out the lineup with Chris Dovas and Peter De Reyna of Seven Spires on drums and bass respectively, as well as Chris Gardino of Pathogenic, each of whom showcases a ridiculous amount of raw skill. Despite having been a full band for less than two years, they sound like seasoned veterans, and Saviors promises to be a worthy addition to the ever-growing ranks of awesome tech death releases lately.

Saviors is out on May 25th, available on Unflesh‘s Bandcamp. Be sure to follow them on Facebook as well for updates.

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