Black Metal Ralph Wiggum

Black Metal Simpsons Ralph Wiggum

I start fires!

Infernal embiggenz, my fellow lowbrows, no-brows and ignorami! Black metal is serious business. Just ask Abbath or Fenriz. It is the realm where darkness and evil dwell. Full of Ravencrow Neversmiles and Langdon Augers. But who is the standard bearer for the musty corners of the dankest pits where people fear to tread? Cronos? Varg? Jojo Siwa? No, there’s only one that truly embodies all that is the kvltest and trvest this side of Evergreen Terrace. I am, of course, talking about Ralph Wiggum.

Don’t believe me? Just look at these Ralph quotes and how perfect the look as black metal logos. They’re perfectly cromulent.













Which Wiggum-isms do you think would make for a good black metal band name? Who could you see playing on a tiny stage in full corpse paint in the early afternoon at Hellfest?

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