Bookakee – Live At Amnesia Rockfest: A Video Breakdown


I was saying “Boournskakee”.

Have you ever watched Mushroomhead or Gwar and thought “This, but with pig noises?” Really? You have? Well then you must be in Montreal’s Bookakee. If that’s the case, I have some questions. Why did you name your band “Bookakee”? When normal people ask the name of the band are you super embarrassed to tell them? Have you played your songs for the other people that work in your office? Why do you spell it that way? Is this what you thought you’d be doing when you first learned your instrument? Ugh, so many questions, so little time. Maybe watching a bit of their live set from 2015’s Amnesia Rockfest will answer some questions.


Who is ready for some Monster Energy Driiiiiiinnnnkkkkksssss?!?!?!


And that’s where Subway’s pastrami comes from.


All the subtlety and tact you’d expect from a band called “Bookakee”.

Despite the controversy, the iPhone Fetus still sold out the first day.


Are you folks ready to E X P A N D?


Someone dosed your copy of Super Smash Brothers.


Waluigi never would’ve went out like that.


“Tell…Candy Kong…I…love…her…”


And they say romance is dead.


Princess Peach looks…different.




Bookakee’s album¬†Ignominies is out now via Transcending Records.

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