Shirt Stains: Celtic Frost “Cold Lake” Sweatpants


Comfy Ugh!

It’s a new year and that means a new you. Resolutions are still fresh in your mind. You’re ready to duke it out with everyone else that’s swarming the local Planet Fitness. You’re going to exercise, read more books, finally get working on your autobiography, and really make a difference this year.

That sounds like too much work. It’s way easier to just get comfy, watch TV, and have all that positive change just happen. But how? With these Celtic Frost – Cold Lake sweatpants, that’s how!

Bootleg Celtic Frost Cold Lake Sweatpants


These bootleg for your leggies come from the same people that brought us the ugliest Cannibal Corpse merch ever made. Sure, the money doesn’t go to the band and buying this could leave you susceptible to identity theft and having your bank account. Yeah, this will definitely be misprinted and there is a good chance the inks used to make it will seep into your skin and slowly poison you. And maybe, just maybe, Tom G. Warrior will appear before you in the middle of the night to tell you to listen to Triptykon.

It’s worth all those risks so you can be extremely stylish wherever you go. It will feel like a Little Velvet against your skin. You could Dance Sleazy and Seduce Me Tonight in these bad boys. They will become a Petty Obsession among all your friends. Your unmentionables as will forever be referred to as Cherry Orchards.

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