Steavy Metal – The Heavy Metal Unicorn: A Video Breakdown


Do you even Steavy, bro?

Sometimes I have a lot to say about a band. Sometimes I need to do research and get important facts. Other times a band has a bio that says way more than I ever could. Germany’s Steavy Metal is one of those bands.


Steavy Metal arised from fire, shaped by the winds and hardened by steel. A true heavy metal warrior and a symbol of power. He fought in glorious battles and rescued beautiful princess in need. He had everything. Babes, Steel and Muscles. But once he felt a longing for something. He knew something was missing. Something he didn’t understand thereby he began adventures and wandered the world.
During a quest Steavy Metal encountered a mighty mage, The Amazing Mike. They fought a duel where the mage fell into a raging river. Even though The Amazing Mike was his opponent, Steavy rescued him from drowning and safed the mage’s life. The Amazing Mike owed Steavy his life and swore to accompany Steavy until his death and so they were two.
Not much later the two had a mission in a temple to uncover and defeat an evil wizard. As they reached the temple, they were stopped by S.T.E.E.L., a killing machine constructed by the evil wizard. But somehow Steavy turned the machine to the good and gave him a reason to live his own life. S.T.E.E.L. broke free from the chains of the wizard and joined Steavy Metal.

Over time the connections between steavy and his companions grew to a strong friendship. At this point Steavy knew what was missing…the warmth of friendship…

…and a fucking great HEAVY METAL band!

Wizards! S.T.E.E.L.! Muscles! New video!



Move over, “Halford on a motorcycle”. I have a new favorite stage entrance.


Corey Hart seethes with jealousy at this act of one-upmanship.


They still look more natural than Brian Cage.


Getting some heavy Dante from Clerks vibes from the drummer right now.


At least German Chris Jericho is into it.


Who needs Yngwie when you have power tools?


Not since Jackyl have we seen such a gratuitous use of farm equipment.


Steavy Metal’s album Fear The Steel is out on May 31st.

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