BRUTAL EP PREMIERE: Disimperium – Malefic Obliteration


It’s blastin’ time.

Disimperium is not, in fact, a Warhammer-themed d-beat band. Have the nerds all left? GOOD. Malefic Obliteration, the debut from Portland’s Disimperium, is a dizzying display of pitch black death metal that’ll leave your head smothered, covered, chunked, and, eventually, digested. The title track is an oppressive squall of twisted, neck-ratcheting violence. Your head, now twisted smooth off, can experience the sensation of getting shoved directly into a hornet’s nest with “Fuming Nexus”. Beginning with a surge of breakneck speed, “Infernal Machine” swallows your swollen, decapitated melon and traps it in the belly of a clockwork machine that’s slowly leaking coolant. 10/10 would take Disimperium’s wild ride again. You can listen for yourself right here:

Malefic Obliteration is out Friday, July 23rd. You can get it from Sentient Ruin’s webshop or over on Bandcamp.

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