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Get your fix of death right here with four killer upcoming releases from Blood Harvest Records, including debuts from Caecus, Triumvir Foul, and tapes from Necrosemen, and VoidCeremony.


Grinding blackened death metal? Why the fuck not? This debut EP titled Affliction from Caecus is a furious three track offering that will blast your face clean off your skull and leave you wanting more, all in the space of less than 10 minutes. The riffs are tortuous yet remain intelligible, utilising several techniques that make both the black and death metal genres tick. The vocals are a beastly affront to the senses and command your attention at every moment as they purvey the darkness that you desire. The element of the trio’s sound that will undoubtedly catch your attention though, is the hyper-blast drumming. The percussion shows no relent as it mercilessly obliterates your ear drum on its path into your cranium. I’ve already listened to Affliction twice just writing this, and I’m going to dive in again. You should too.

Affliction was released on 7″ vinyl with a limited run of 300 copies (200 black/100 blood red) on November 27th and the digital release is readily available, so head over to Blood Harvest Records to get your face melted now.


This 3-track, 20+ minute EP titled Cyclical Descent of Causality is an assault arising from the depths of oblivion. The Californian death quartet had only released one EP back in 2013 prior to this offering, so if (like me) you’re unaware of their sound I’ll give you an idea. VoidCeremony have a raw late-80’s style combined with some of the more perplexing design elements found within modern death metal’s underground vaults. Twisting riffs and gruffly barked, yet distant sounding vocals dominate. You know the street in town that people will gladly walk a longer route just to avoid? VoidCeremony surely honed their craft in a basement on that very road, making the place their own.

If you listen through the lo-fi production aesthetic you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the variation of riffing here. Hasty single-note riffs replete with contorted melodies meet unexpected chromatic turns and off-kilter breaks.

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Cyclical Descent of Causality will be released on December 4th with a limited run of 150 cassettes. Open the cellar door to oblivion here and grab a cassette or digital copy.


Necrosemen is the reason you’re reading this.
Necrosemen is the little bit of crust in the corner of your mouth as you look here.
Necrosemen is the instant-coffee stain on your only white metal shirt.
Necrosemen is the reason you didn’t go to your school formal.
Necrosemen is the ‘best’ 15 years of your life working a mundane job for minimum wage.
Necrosemen is the neighbour’s car beeping every fucking day when he picks up his spawn.
Necrosemen is the reason why you’re ordering pizza from a pay-phone…. wearing trailer pants.
Necrosemen is the boss giving the promotion at work to that new guy Tom.
Necrosemen is the black mould that’s progressively spreading across your walls.
Necrosemen is the reason you’re estranged from your relatives.
Necrosemen is the gaping hole in the side of your head.
Necrosemen is the chasmic darkened death metal that you need to fill that void.

Necrosemen‘s Vglns releases on the 4th of December 2015, get it here.

Triumvir Foul

I’ve got some good news and some bad news with this last offering from Blood Harvest. First, I’ll fill you in on the good news. This upcoming self-titled debut full-length from Portland, Oregon’s Triumvir Foul fucking rules. Featuring 2 members of Ash Borer, this trio are about to deal out a 9-part offering of savage death metal which does not subside during its 41 minute course of wreckage. Ominous vocals adorned with just enough reverb take you directly to the chamber where you’ll likely depart the mortal plane. The drumming is relentless yet varied enough to maintain interest throughout, while the guitars are a correspondingly rigorous affront to the uninitiated. Sparse patches of chaotic atonal leads are employed and clearly designated not to take the limelight off the consolidated overall sound, but rather add yet another layer of menace to the already malevolent picture. Triumvir Foul have managed to also incorporate some of the groove found in only the finest OSDM, not the pleasant ‘bouncy’ kind, the infectiously malignant kind that will not cease until you are rotting alive.

unnamed (3)

Now for the bad news. See how that bandcamp embed above is blank? That’s because y’all can’t hear this beast until December 11th. You can however, head over to their bandcamp page and read some more about this album while you salivate in waiting.

All these releases will be available on Blood Harvest Records in the coming weeks. Show them some appreciation on Facebook too, and tell them the toilet sends its finest.

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