Flush it Friday: New Winds of Leng Edish!


Hello fam! Do you know what today is? That’s right—it’s Friyay, in that the work week is almost over, and it’s close to time for partying… but also it happens to be the release date of some new material from Phoenix good bois Winds of Leng! It’s been a long time for us all, but especially yours truly, as I’ve been somewhat* involved with the band’s progression for a few years now. Having said that, I apply my guarantee that the end product easily justifies the wait with their new EP Morbid Entities. Would you like to hear the new material along with me? I thought so.

*I’ll make this very quick, for those who don’t know my background with the band. Check out the following bullet point timeline:

  • 2014 – The Toilet ov Hell is created and superuser Scrimm had been with us since day one. Him and I made friends and kept in contact via the Metaverse (back then it was called Facebook or some crap) and over time he sent me some demos.
  • 2016 – I flew down to Arizona and got the chance to see their home studio recording setup. And it blew my mind. If you’re interested in the details, find them documented here. (If you’d like to hear an early demo recording, that’s the link to click.)
  • 2018 – I returned to witness their very first live show! The great author G. S. Richter even joined us, and of course it was awesome. He wrote an article about our collective t-shirts right here. (Richter is awesome, definitely read his stuff.) I may post some photos in the comments section here, but my camera phone kinda sucks.
  • 2019 – A song written for a split with Fluids. Premiere linked here!

Present day. Here we are, it’s been 5 years since their debut album dropped, and I couldn’t be happier to present some new material to the masses! But before I give access to this elite listening party, I want you to know just a few things… First of all, the mixing/mastering quality has improved—and I don’t know how that was even possible—but Scrimm consistently gives producer Dan Swano (ever heard of this guy?) praises for accomplishing what seemed impossible. Secondly, you’re going to find a slight focus in their sound, whether it’s more black metal for track “Into Leng”, more death metal (“Haunted Halls”), or even some prog  with “Spirit of Desolation” (which I cannot help but love since I’m a big prog boi). Care to have a listen with the rest of us? Stab the Play button and let’s engage right now:

And the final song is a re-recording of the cool split they did with Fluids a while back, BUT: the re-recording of “Monuments of Agony” is a completely different beast and well worth a listen. That’s not to discount the original recording, but more of a testament to Dan Swano’s abilities, by which our good friend Scrimm swears. We’ve all come to expect amazing artwork from their releases, and this one is no exception; so let’s give credit to the amazing Mark Erskine for that superbly appropriate (and irreplaceable) cover art.

Pick up the recently released EP on digital (physical media coming soon) on  BandCamp.

If you’re interest in engaging with the band, they’re located on Instagram, MetaVerse, but also just talk to Scrimm on Disqus, as he’s one of the true O.G.’s and one of the nicest (and coolest) members whomst have stuck with us since day one. Share the links on your social media platforms of choice if you enjoy their work; they’re a band which benefits from our grassroots support (and deservedly so).

Love you. Here’s some fresh #content from the week!

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G/B/Us below pls!

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