Premiere: Esoctrilihum – ‘Kros Ö Vrth’


Esoctrilihum is back already with another insane offering of mind-melting black metal for your Monday morning.

Today, I’m once again rapt to bring you the first extract from the esoteric Esoctrilihum‘s upcoming record The Telluric Ashes of the Ö Vrth Immemorial Gods. As elucidated on last year’s premiere from the insane album Inhüma, the project is a solo effort for French artist Asthâghul, who incorporates all manner of instrumentation and sounds into his intricately laced songwriting. The song we’ve got for you here today (titled ‘Kros Ö Vrth’) is the second cut from the 75+ minute monster, and serves the point where the portal deeper into Telluric Ashes opens up from the ominous ancient Mesopotamian sounding style album opener ‘Khalbas Mha’. The grandiose allure of Hellenic black metal melody merges seamlessly with the arcane mysticism and otherworldly musicianship on Telluric, perhaps even moreso than on previous releases.

While we’re on the topic of his discography, I’ve gotta say having heard the album I’m not only floored at how one person can possibly create such a high quantity of content so quickly, but more that the quality of the art on offer is absolutely astonishing. Each densely layered track is but a microcosm set within the overall expanse of labyrinthine passages and cosmic wormholes Esoctrilihum can conjure on command. Check out today’s premiere for a glimpse beyond the firmament.

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