Bump n’ Grind: Back in the Saddle


Many thanks to my partner in grind Ron Deuce for taking the reins and sharing some killer grind with you. He has brought great honor to House Grind. However, all grind and no play makes Dubya a dull boy, so now I’m back in the saddle. I’ve been sitting on some of these quality releases for some time, but the people need to know. Grind it out!

Deteriorist – Cvlt Statvs

Keeping grind familiar yet somehow fresh can be a difficult task. However, Filthydelphia (I’m sorry) violence-mongers Deteriorist know how to put a unique spin on a common formula. Taking the standard grind unabating barrage and adding a three-pronged vocal assault with plenty of killer chord changes and, dare I say, well-placed breakdowns, this band is able to craft their own sound in a jam-packed genre. Add in a killer low-end rumble and some even shockingly emotive lead lines, and Cvlt Statvs ends up being one excellent release. Also, I just love hearing women lead such maniacal grind outfits, and Lauren Belotti is an absolute monster behind the mic. Don’t miss this. Cvlt Statvs dropped in January of this year. Pick it up on Bandcamp and give them a like on Facebook.

908Self-Titled EP

Apparently I’m only two degrees of separation from this Denver, Colorado grind unit as one of my high school buddies is a friend of the band. He doesn’t normally post about metal on Facebook, so it was quite a surprise to me to see him talking about grind. 908 deserve the hype, though. This is nasty, nasty stuff with vocals that careen unpredictably from manic shrieks to gutter-scraping growls at the drop of a hat. Backing that ballistic vocal assault is an unremitting rhythm section that just hits and hits and hits while the guitar draws and quarters you with razor-sharp and air-tight riffs. Even when the band pulls back to pummel you with a well-timed chug, the song remains menacing and violent. Seven tracks in 12 minutes. I can dig it. Give 908 a like on Facebook and download the EP on Bandcamp.

Yattai – Fast Music Means Love

Hailing from a French commune called Angoulême, Yattai bring a crusty, grimy grind attack much more reminiscent of the early, punk-derived forefathers. This is fast, incessant, and unpolished grind that constantly sounds like its about to drive right off the rails and plow into a crowded shopping center, killing everyone forever. Unrestrained drums collide with chaotic riffs and amphetamine vocals in a blinding flurry of activity. There is no rest or reprieve from the violence on display; every song is an assault, and there are forty-four tracks of aural blitzkrieg. This is the essence of pure grind. Find the band on Facebook and download the album on Bandcamp.

Vulture Locust – Command Presence

I’m going to close out this chapter with the rawest band in the roundup. Vulture Locust play an unrepentant DIY and punky brand of grind (with slight hints of early Carcass) that viciously mauls you with track after track of buzzing, lo-fi butchery. There is no pretense or ambition on display here, just fast, noisy, fuzzy grind as an act of defiance. The drums hammer through endless blasts and d-beats. The guitars serrate. The whole thing will give you whiplash from headbanging. Most interestingly, however, is the unbridled fury of the vocals here. Ryan Bartek puts forth an agonizingly torturous vocal performance here that far surpasses even the blind rage of the music. Check them out on Facebook and give them a download on Bandcamp.

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