Attention Skronk Fans in Skronkcago, Illinois and New Skronk City!


We ov the Toilet Ov Hell are excited to bring you a few live show and tour announcements. Get out of the office. Get out of your mother’s basement. Get out and see some bands you love or some bands I love, since it’s obvious from your participation here that is a thing you are dying to do. This news should be especially relevant to you if you dig the skronk, and if you don’t, just what exactly are you still doing here?

First, members of Coma Cluster Void have events happening in Chicago, Illinois next weekend! This is straight from the horse’s mouth:


Here are those links for clickability:

Coma Cluster Void was previously covered at the Toilet Ov Hell, and personally I have been waiting with bated breath for news about their debut album or new finished tracks with vocals featuring Will Smith and Mike DiSalvo. Guitarist John Strieder let us know 80% of Coma Cluster Void would be in attendance this weekend. I would strongly encourage you Chicago metal fans to (perhaps) step out of your comfort zones to hear the acoustic skronk stylings of XelmYa. I’m playing it now and I like what I’m hearing.

Lastly, Coma Cluster Void has a new website so you can keep up with news and announcements for the band outside of the usual social media channels. It’s also easy on the eyes. Check that shit out!


Next up, for fans of metal that don’t happen to reside in and around Chicago or New York City, the Decibel Magazine 2015 Tour is coming up. Regretfully I missed the Decibel Magazine 2014 Tour featuring the mighty Gorguts, Carcass, The Black Dahlia Murder, and fiery newcomers Noisem (weddings, amirite?!). This year’s lineup looks to compete with last year’s, though. Swedeath/melodeath legends At The Gates, veteran punks Converge, the massively buzzed about doom newcomers Pallbearer, and Vallenfyre, who honestly I’m not too familiar with. I have been on a pretty serious Converge kick lately myself, listening to their landmark album Jane Doe interspersed with Moonlover, Abyssal Gods, Scar Sighted, and revisiting Burial Hex’s brilliant The Heirophant (finally available for the masses on Bandcamp, thank me in the comments). I caught Pallbearer live in Minneapolis last year when they played with Deafheaven and Wreck and Reference, they put on one hell of a live show.

Dates for the Decibel Magazine 2015 Tour are:

March 27 @The Wiltern, Los Angeles, CA
March 28 @The Regency Ballroom, San Francisco, CA
March 29 @Roseland Theater, Portland, OR
March 30 @Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver, BC
March 31 @Showbox at the Market, Seattle, WA
April 02 @The Complex, Salt Lake City, UT
April 03 @Summit Music Hall, Denver, CO
April 04 @Bourbon Street, Lincoln, NE
April 05 @Mill City Nights, Minneapolis, MN
April 06 @House of Blues, Chicago, IL
April 08 @The Phoenix, Toronto, ON
April 09 @Metropolis, Montreal, QC
April 10 @Royale, Boston, MA
April 11 @Union Transfer, Philadelphia, PA
April 12 @Webster Hall, New York, NY

You can check the Decibel Magazine 2015 Tour website for more information on tickets, dates, and press.


Lastly, in New York shows I would murder a New Yorker to be able to attend, Revocation, Artificial Brain, and Psalm Zero are playing Saint Vitus on April 3rd. I caught Artificial Brain in 2014, in what was one of my favorite concert experiences in recent memory. I’m not the biggest Revocation fan that writes for this site, but it’s largely from lack of experience than anything to do with their music. I’m aware that a lot of people like ’em. Most importantly here, though, is Psalm Zero. Music tastes are fluid; they ebb, flow, and change, especially given the sheer quantity of music that is released each week. Psalm Zero’s The Drain was one of my favorite records in 2014, and out of all of my touted “favorites”, it’s the one that still matters to me the most. Charlie Looker and Andrew Hock have recruited a live drummer for this performance as well, one Hank Shteamer, who I am aware of from his writing in the metal blog world. This promises to be a great show. If you are in or around New York City, I urge you to attend. Get some photos or videos for the rest of us!

I believe Psalm Zero are working on a new album, and I am hoping for a 2015 release date. Stay tuned to the Toilet Ov Hell for news regarding that when we get it. If you somehow slept on Psalm Zero’s The Drain, here it is for your convenience. Take the next thirty eight minutes to make things right.

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