Flush it Friday: Roldy Hop


Beyond the ratites, most birds have extremely wimpy legs—I am one of those birds. With more time on the wing than time to learn swing, it was a tall order to keep up with the JP Jitterbugs at the Boathouse Ball last night. (Thankfully, I was accompanied by a special avian with a decade of experience that helped keep me anchored.) Nevertheless, by the time the beginner lesson gave way to the actual dance, I was one sweaty Strigiforme. Maybe it’s something to do with my hollow bones, but Lindy Hop isn’t even close to as simple as it looks! If you get a chance to go to an event like this, I’m convinced it’s worth a shot for anyone, regardless of if you’re a dancing fool or a just a fool dancing.

The Toilet Radio Spooktacular continued with Tha Boiz and VHS discussing one of the oldest forms of vampirism (marriage):

Toilet Radio 333 – Jakob’s Wife (Feat. VHS)

Megachiles threw us all in a pile of fallen leaves, and it was really very nice, actually:

Best 2021 Black Metal for Fall Festivities & Autumnal Activities

Beavis Christ told us of his Visions from Beyond Lake Titicaca:

Review: Visions from Beyond — Drawing Down the Darkness

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