Relieve Your Intracranial Pressure With Opium Warlords’ [Album Name Redacted]


A little over three years ago I had the most humbling chance of premiering “Closer” off of Opium Warlords‘ fourth album, Droner. Now, the release date of it’s follow-up, [Album Name Redacted], draws near, but all is not well in the kingdom.

Opium Warlords is a band, or a solo project, created by Sami Hynninen. Pentobarbital is a short-acting barbiturate used as a sedative or a preanesthetic agent also known as yellow jackets that were once widely abused. It also has a history of being used in euthanasia, before empathy and mercy were criminalized, and is still being used in veterinary euthanasia, because in most corners of the world, it is still alright to feel either, or both, for animals. Fittingly, it is today being used as means of execution in the US, or was, when I last checked, which wasn’t long ago. Oh, and it can be used to relieve intracranial pressure in Reye’s syndrome patients.

Those are the facts, but not all the facts. If they were all the facts, they would include pentobarbital’s sale under the name Nembutal, the yellow capsule of which gave them their street name, and that Opium Warlords’ fifth full-length carries that very title. Nembutal, not yellow jacket. Also included would have been the fact that it is simply too much for Facebook to handle. Though the pictures below contain all their information in Finnish, no doubt they’re enough to provide an understanding that Facebook decided to delete posts containing said information and threatened to close down the Opium Warlords page all in all, because the word Nembutal breaks their community standards for prescription drugs and marijuana. I wonder when they will come for the project’s name itself.

Anyways, we shall not long dwell on the album itself at this hour, for we shall do so later. We’re simply here to remind you that your life is missing an excellent doom metal record named after pentobarbital, and that it would be a good idea to pre-order one such album from Svart Records, as its advertising in social media, practically owned by Facebook, excluding the far-right alternative forums like 4Klan, or Y’all Qaeda or MeinSpace or whatever that new parley-thing was called, has been made effectively impossible.

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