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accessing_BZA CAse File 15-9303

Case Number 15-9305D | Case Name: Transient
Subject Identification: Code Name: Chaos Echœs | First Name(s): Kalevi, Ilmar, Stefan, Fabien | Last Name(s): Uibo, Uibo, Thanneur, Furter
Subject Location: Unknown


In 1845, a British Royal Navy discovery expedition under the command of Captain Sir John Franklin embarked on an attempt to locate the Northwest Passage in the Canadian Arctic. After weathering a winter on Beechey Island until 1846, the two expedition ships, H.M.S. Terror and H.M.S. Erebus became locked into the ice near King William Island. June 11, 1847 Captain Sir John Franklin perished under unknown circumstances. April 25, 1848, the remaining survivors from the expedition embarked south to locate Back River. The seamen never reached their destination. Despite numerous missions to locate the remnants of the expedition, no survivors were ever found, and only hints at the fate of the expedition were ever recovered. All 128 members of the discovery expedition were lost.

In 1912, Robert Falcon Scott led the British Antarctic Expedition in an attempt to reach the southern pole before any other nations. Based from H.M.S. Terra Nova and backed by the Royal Geographic Society, the expedition team was successful in reaching the southern pole, though it was soon discovered that they were preceded by 34 days by a Norwegian team under the command of Roald Amundsen. Despite successfully reaching the pole, the research team perished on their return. Some of the bodies were discovered 8 months later. All five members of the expedition team died, and official explanations remain suspect.

In 1959, a group of ten hikers under the leadership of Igor Dyatlov set out through the Ural Mountains near Sverdlovsk Oblast to reach Otorten. One member, Yuri Yefimovich Yudin was forced to turn back to Vizhai due to illness. The remaining team members pressed onward. On the evening of February 2nd, all nine expedition members perished under mysterious circumstances. Investigators discovered that the team members had cut the tents from the inside, many of them fleeing barefoot and barely clothed into the winter night. Two members were found with crushed skulls and ribs, though no signs of struggle were evident. The official ruling was that the members killed by an unknown compelling force. Notably, the tongues of several victims were missing when their bodies were discovered.


Subject Information: The four subjects collectively known as Chaos Echœs are French citizens of unknown age. Due to the highly volatile nature of the output of 15-9305, the four subjects have been under BZ&A observation since the inception of the group, but no interceding efforts have yet proven effective. Despite arresting all four members on multiple occasions, the 15-9305 cult persists, and new occurrences of 15-9305C continue to be observed. Per mandate 15-9305P, all BZ&A personnel assigned to case 15-9305 are to maintain a safe distance of 100 yards and report only occurrences of event 15-9305C.

Event 15-9305C appears to be a sporadic outpouring of unknown tongues occurring only in cold environments. The event seems to take place when a large group of people are exposed to 15-9305. The audio recordings seem to produce a spontaneous and exhilarating oral sensation only in the presence of multiple witnesses; researchers have been able to document the contents of all 15-9305 recordings when in isolation. Research indicates that the contents of 15-9305 are mantric in nature and seem to be some form of incantation. Audible motifs are repeated ritualistically in a sort of apocalyptic supplication. These dronings are accompanied by unexpected percussive instruments, alien fluting pipes, and amorphis textures before the repetitions are supplanted by cruel and hyper-aggressive constructs. All recordings maintain a dual nature beyond the limitations of human patience. Songs coalesce amidst groaning, seething atmospheres; hateful blasts of cleansing hellfire emerge from ecstatic trances with the clashing of tectonic rhythms. Song lengths defy convention, seemingly subjecting listeners to eons of torment and unfettered, pitiless rage before the rampaging instruments vanish into smoke and shadow. Agents have described this latest album as the sound of the primal, base elements spawning all life squalling and squirming onto the pitiless terrain of a dying mother rocking in her jubilant death throes of conception. All of the human instruments succumb to a calculated and ruthless disorder cunningly chained like Prometheus to the mortal, tangible soil. Linguistic studies have identified the unknown language on recordings as “Enochian”.

A number of 15-9305C events have been registered since 2012, though it  is theorized that earlier manifestations of 15-9305 stretch back to at least the dawn of recorded music, if not earlier. Every instance ends similarly: mass suicide. Bodies, when they are recovered, are typically found naked and locked in exchanges of passion or ang◌⃞◌⃞◌⃞◌⃞◌⃞◌⃞◌⃞

Mother Rahab cries in joy
As Watchers return to teach her children
Continental plates, submerged canyons
Resounding Mother’s cry
Teaching the newborns to sing with madness
Flesh death and knowledge the only
Deliverance from true death
Death in ice
A hell of isolation

◌⃞◌⃞◌⃞◌⃞◌⃞◌⃞ue to these circumstance, BZ&A officials recommend that all personnel maintain a safe distance from 15-9035 and contact BZ&A head if event 15-9035C is believed to be triggered.

Attachment 15-9035S: Audio Sample of Transient

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