The Link-Up Spell: Gathering around the end-year bonfire


Get together around the Elfic bonfire to say express your sincere thanks for everything good and bad of this year!

With the December holidays beginnings, I like to take some time to go back and think about the year passing. Our each own complete existences are filled with so many ups and downs, that it is inescapable to ignore what happens with our lives after we take each decision.

Until its very end, 2017 became the harshest period I ever had. While I survived, seeing good people suffer in front of the economic debacle behemoth became a brutal shock. But, so far, I am really grateful I had the chance to share the few incomes I got on my different works to help. That is all we need, we just need each other.

Aside from this, I end my year incredibly happy for all the new stuff I learnt. I know it was a risky move, but quitting my job at the right time was the perfect opportunity to grow as a professional and as a person. Being a freelancer made me improve my skills and find new ways to work!

But, I am not here to only talk about this. I want to thank you all for inspiring me every week in delivering choppy writing and researching through vast mountains and deepest dungeons for all the content released on The Link-Up Spell. Also, I have to offer my sincere gratitude to Joe, W. and Lacertilian for all the hard work editing my texts and encouraging me to enjoy the writing process.

I think I have learnt so much during all these months, more than any gig I had. Some people may think the Toilet ov Hell is just a silly web, but the passion and the hard work behind the stage are incredibly tight. In fact, sometimes I end learning more about mass media (my work field) from Blast Thrashnkill Networks than what I did on my daily journalist job. This is a well-oiled machine; always moving forward, and so far, 2017 saw new milestones to this project you won’t really believe it!

The bands, artists, labels and musicians were kind enough to, at least, read whatever I wrote about them over here, too, so I believe next year will be another kicking ass time for metal music. I know the same will happen with video games, movies, TV series and books, which are also the main diversion that helped me to dream and fly through new imaginative kingdoms.

Finally, I have to tell you my last secret: what drove me to victory, defeating all adversities, were my loved ones, all the family and friends, in my country and all the incredible people I met over the Toilet ov Hell and all the Internet, who were there in every hour of need. For those, I raise my sword in sign of infinite thanks.

In advance, I do not know if The Link-Up Spell will survive enough in 2018. Sadly, these lands are literally dying, and I will probably embark on a new adventure, trying some luck on Colombia with my wife. Time constraints and the dangers of being an immigrant will be a constant, so I cannot promise you this column will continue. But, mark my words, when I have the chance I will deliver all my Elfic Good Will magic to all of you.

Please, do not forgive me, because this would never happen if I didn’t meet this community. Looking forward what will be of all of us during 2018. Happy New Year, everyone!

With love,
Link Leonhart

Addendum: Now it is your turn, my acolytes. What are you most thankful for this year? Shoot out in your comments your most powerful gratitude spell! I will be watching you!

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