Cathedral’s Gaz Jennings’ Upcoming DEATH PENALTY


Hear my prophecy, peasants:
1   Verily, verily I say unto thee, the time soon cometh that the members of many legendary doom metal bands will turn from their own.
2   Do not despair, for they shall not be forgotten or cast aside.
3   Neither will they live on only in our hearts, for they shall be born again within new, kick-ass, hard-rocking female-fronted doom metal bands.
4   And thus the Almighty Riff will live on for ever and ever. Amen.

It’s already happening, my friends. Last year Leif Edling, Marcus Jidel, and Carl Westholm (all of Candlemass fame) joined forces with Jennie-Ann Smith to dish out Avatarium‘s self-titled debut, which absolutely ruled. Now, Gaz Jennings of the highly renowned and recently disbanded Cathedral is teaming up with Raf Muekens and Serpentcult members Fredrik Cosemans and Michelle Nocon to bring us Death Penalty.

Having been one of the most consistent deliverers of worthy stoner/doom metal since the release of Forest of Equilibrium in 1991, there was quite the hubbub last year when Cathedral announced that they’d be calling it quits. The time has come for the rabble-rousers to stop rousing rabble, because Cathedral‘s most important member (the riff-writer, you dummy!) will now be slinging his illustrious riffs via his brand new band. You’re gonna have to wait until September to get your hands on Death Penalty‘s debut, but I found this single for you to jam on repeat until then. It will waste no time courting you, as it has a deliciously old-school guitar solo that it needs to rip out. And I don’t really know what’s going on at 2:36, but I know I like it, and I know it leads into another solo. I dig this song, and so should you. Listen well or face a flushy death.

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