Premiere: Poney – “Cube”


Wisconsin’s Poney are a five-man beach party riding a flying carpet of fuzzy stoner magic on “Cube”, a song we are proud to debut from their new full-length Pagan Nouveau.

Poney blew me away with their 2013 LP Rorschach, a masterful two-drummer progcoction of party jams for beardos and amplifier enthusiasts alike. Their sexcellent new follow-up, Pagan Neauveau, will be released on May 15th via Kitchy Spirit, and I’m honored to show off a new track from it called “Cube“!

“Cube” is a bit of a creeper – it starts with a cute lil’ earworm of a riff that gets taken on a rocket ship ride through a sugary sweet galaxy of twinkly textures before the band lays down the BIG FUN HEAVY and reminds you that partying is very serious business indeed.


Preorder Pagan Nouveau at Poney’s Bandcamp page and be sure to tell them the Toilet sent you! You can check out the title track over at Heavy Blog Is Heavy if you need a more immediate scratch for your new Poney itch.

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