Check out the Meaty New Video for Come Back from the Dead’s “Endless Bloodshed”


Late last year, our pal BW debuted a big ol’ hunk of gristle from gnarly Spanish death metal butchers Come Back from the Dead. That track “Endless Bloodshed,” is a splatterfest of old school riffs and gore that serves as a wonderful appetizer for the platter of bone and viscera that is Caro Data Vermibus. Today, I’m happy to serve you multiple courses of the nasty new video for “Endless Bloodshed” via a quarter pounder of a trippy-ass video and a whole bunch of spicy gifs to make your normie friends think you’re a weirdo.

In case you missed BW’s thoughts on the first go ’round.

Rising from this same scene comes the next great Spanish death metal band, Come Back From The Dead, featuring members of Bokluk and Nashgul and finally ready to bash in our collective heads with another swirling and seething slab of classic death metal- their first release since their debut full length, The Coffin Earth’s Entrails, came out in 2014. The riffs on this first track, “Endless Bloodshed,” slither and squirm as howling vocals call forth an anthem of death, decay, and endless hunger. The goal of Come Back From The Dead is to swamp us in the twisted leads of the ancient Finnish scene in between crushing rhythms and grave-calling vocals, and this track certainly brings the twisted evil that you’d expect for the style.

Now open wide for the big enchilada!

Unsatisfied, you gluttonous creeps? Alright, I’m a man of my word. Here’s the video, as told by some of the juiciest gifs.

gifs website

Dribbling more than Bender at a Globetrotters game.

gifs website

Is this that lobster Jordan Peterson’s always going on about?

gifs website

Dan Brown was right.

gifs website

Remember when all those kids in Japan got epilepsy because of the Pokeman? Sorry if this triggers a resurgence of your symptoms.

gifs website

Hail Hydra!

Think my gifs suck? Make your own, you lazy hump! Share it in the comments while you’re at it!

Caro Data Vermibus is out now on Transcending Obscurity. Hopefully this video gives you extra incentive to get it here, because for the currently reduced price, you’ll also get the band’s previous full-length absolutely free. You’re losing money if you don’t jump on this deal! Make sure you also follow the band on Facebook here.

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