Consumed By Vultures – Behold The Devastation: A Video Breakdown


Gurrgle gurggle chuggity chug gurrgle gurggle chuggity chug

Brutal death metal. Slamming death metal. Deathcore. I don’t really know if I can tell the difference anymore. Is there a difference anymore? Is someone counting the number of chugs and breakdowns and shouts of “Fuck this place up”? Kids these days with their subgenres and dangling earlobes and Tide pods. I don’t know, man. I’m just going to stand wherever I won’t get spinkicked in the back of the head.

Consumed By Vultures is a Swiss brutal death metal band. Or a Swiss slamming death metal band. Or a Swiss deathcore band. It’s up to you to decide what subgenre they fit. Adjust your hat accordingly.



God, they must have serious neck and back problems.

I always wondered what happened to Powder.

An accurate representation of someone trying to get you to join a pyramid scheme.

Twitter IRL

I’m always worried I look like this when I eat in public.

Hang in there, baby!

I wonder if he’s an actual member of the band like the dancing guy in The Mighty Mighty Bosstones or the goblin in Nekrogoblikon.

This is how you should quit your job. Stare at your boss and then creepy crawl out the door. The thong diaper is optional.

Consumed By Vultures’ album In Eterno is out now via Nice To Eat You Records.

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