Watch Morbid Angel Rehearse in a Storage Unit


The band sounds surprisingly great on this grainy VHS footage.

Every band has to start somewhere, even one of the greatest death metal bands of all time. Don’t have the dough for a nice, air-conditioned practice space? No problem! Paste some egg crate the walls of a storage unit and crank out the jams.

This video, captured in 1990, shows a group of young longhairs honing their sound within a dank U-Haul storage shed in the blazing Tampa sun. Pete Sandoval, trapped inside the unit, was thankfully given a nice box fan to suppress heat stroke. Trey shirtless with what looks like a fresh tattoo, shredded away at the intro to “God of Emptiness” a full three years before the release of that track. David Vincent  practiced sans-vocals in this rehearsal but he did bless us with some severe bass face. Enjoy this vid in all of its early 90s glory.

Thanks to 365’s alt account MetalWoContext for hipping me to this vid.

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