Craig Pillard: Still Doing Nazi Shit


The Disma frontman is dusting off his old band Sturmführer to play a fash metalfest in Italy.

Great news for Italian fascists, Hot Shower Fest just announced the lineup for their eighth edition of their annual festival for sunwheel enthusiasts. Among bands like Intolitarian (the work of Antichrist Kramer, a venerable figure among people that intentionally buy unlistenable records because they have cool swastikas on them) and Gestapo 666, there was the surprise booking of Sturmführer. Sturmführer, for those unfamiliar, is the solo project of Craig Pillard who you may know for his work in the early 90s with Incantation or for his main band since 2008, Disma. Back in 2012 Disma caused a stir by being announced and then promptly dropped from Chaos in Tejas after backlash upon folks discovering Pillard’s previous solo project. Similarly, Disma was booted from Netherlands Death Fest in 2015 after ten bands threatened to drop out unless Craig Pillard’s band was dropped. Lest you think the artists were being oversensitive, let’s take a look at some of the previous statements Pillard has made under the banner of Sturmführer. 

Here are a few excerpts from an interview Craig did back in 2002 to promote the band.

Interviewer: Looking to the current state of the world, it’s quite apparent a violent period stretches before us. Do you see the world getting better before worse?
Craig Pillard: I definitely see it getting worse unless “WE” start doing something about world Jewry/usury! We are going downhill fast with the media multi-cultural cesspool that is being subjected to every decent White person that turns on the “Electric Jew”!!!!! As long as “WE” keep getting force-fed this shit, and not do something about it, the faster “WE” DIE!!!!

Hypothetically, if you could go back in time to any period, when and where would you go. What would you do there?
1933 Germany, as part the Schutzstaffel!!!

If you could meet one person, living or dead, who would it be and why?
Adolf Hitler, He could of had the world!!!

When you look to the stars, do you see a possibility of life elsewhere? In the endless cosmos could there be life forms similar to ourselves? Do you see a day when mankind will cast off the chains of Earth and populate the stars? Would we ruin those planets as we are ruining our own?
I think perhaps possibly within “OUR” lifetime “WE” will be fortunate to see the end of world Jewry, if “WE” take on the struggle and end the utter demise of the world. I think “WE” can prosper on other worlds or “WE” can lay down like dogs and be utterly annihilated unless we do something now! I mean NOW!! I just read a scientific study that in 200 years there will be NO more beautiful blond haired people left on this planet. Lets do something about it!!!! Blondes make more babies now!!!

Lovely. Anyway, after getting booted from a few big festivals Craig made this statement to distance himself from *checks notes* years of creating nazi propaganda. “To whom it may concern, I just want to clear up a few things: I understand why people may be angry. I said (and believed in) some questionable things a long time ago but that is in my past, and I do not associate with any of it anymore. I’m a different person now and am in no way affiliated with those previous beliefs, and neither is Disma. Disma has absolutely nothing to do with politics nor is it a platform or vehicle to spread ideology or political ideas of any kind. I personally do not belong to any political groups or organizations and neither do my band mates in Disma. Disma is a death metal band, period. Our goal is to create music we enjoy and for our fans worldwide. Our friends and fans know who we are.”

And yet another statement:

Wow. What a heartfelt apology. But apparently that was enough for legions of “But the Riffs” metalheads to move on with their day content that Disma did nothing wrong. Indeed, the band has enjoyed a comfortable place among fairly mainstream corners of metal thanks to their signing to Profound Lore. Label head Chris Bruni is apparently a huge fan.

To the chagrin of his label, I’m sure, Craig has resumed Sturmführer so that he can continue nasally ranting about Jewish conspiracies over boring ass industrial beats to the delight of a small roomful of fascist Italian manchildren. Just because he’s actively supporting fascists again doesn’t mean he actually believes these things anymore, right? We’d better give Craig four or five more chances to stop doing Nazi shit before we judge him too harshly. Just kidding. Nazis fuck off.

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