Toilet Radio 397 – Viy (feat Svn.Seeker)


The October Spooktacular continues. This week we’re joined by Nikita of Svn.Seeker to discuss the sole horror movie produced by the Soviet Union, Viy (1967). Let’s come together and enjoy how much these filmmakers dislike the Russian Orthodox Church. Let’s take a look at some delightful practical effects and camera tricks that filmmakers were using over 50 years ago. They don’t make them like these anymore, folks (horror movies and communist states). We’re also talking about Connecticut, going DIY, and collecting metal bandcamp squares like Pokemon.

Next week: Body Melt (available on Tubi). And if you wanna get prepared for the Patreon-subscriber-only bonus show, we’ll be watching Society (1989).

Music featured on this week’s show:
Svn.Seeker – Pilfered

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