Premiere: Entrapment – ‘Mortality Unleashed’


Last hurrah for Dutch death?

Prior to today I’d not been familiar with Entrapment. That was a fuck-up on my behalf. These dudes bang out some solid-as-hell Swedeath-adjacent death metal. Today we’re pretty damn stoked to be offering up an exclusive stream of a track from their new, and sadly, final album. Titled Imminent Violent Death, and releasing on May 11th through Dawnbreed Records, the record is a testament to the sounds of no-frills 90’s classics. If you’re a fan of Grave, Entombed, or the straightforward crush of countrymen Asphyx, you’ll find plenty to dig into on the album’s 9 tracks. The extremely mad album cover was designed by Marald van Haasteren who’s work you might recognise from High On Fire, Baroness, or Wolfbrigade. The song we’re premiering today is titled ‘Mortality Unleashed’ but I’ll also embed the other pre-release track on a player below so you can smash it up after you’re done banging out to today’s premiere.

Michel from the band had this to say  about the track –

“When a band claims to be influenced by the old Swedish death metal scene it would be crazy to focus only on that particular sound and fail to write a song with that pounding d-beat. “Mortality Unleashed” is the brutal opener of the album and it’s a lovechild between Entombed and Celtic Frost. I think it perfectly showcases the strengths of the band: bouncy grooves, eerie melodies, headbanging fury and violent upsurges. The ideal opener!”

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