Video Premiere: Mo’ynoq Rip Into 2019


RiffsCollect ’em all!

After the fairly innocuous year just gone for black metal, 2019 is shaping up to have a much stronger presence for the genre; one of the bands at the forefront who’re responsible for such early predictions are Mo’ynoq. Today we’re stoked as hell to bring you the video premiere of the song ‘The Collector’ from their brand spankin’ new debut album Dreaming In A Dead Language.

While the band hail from Raleigh, North Carolina, you’d be forgiven for assuming they’re a part of the nascent Icelandic or even French BM scenes. Their penchant for blending flashes of discord with scathing melody set atop a backdrop of inflamed anguish echoes the spirited attack of VI, the caustic atmospherics of Zhrine, but also flirts with the wild and unhinged stylings of USBM luminaries Krallice. This contrast allows the band to convey a uniquely dichotomous mood, which seemingly embraces both rich organic tones (see: Hæthen) and harsher abrasive textures without ever feeling jarring or forced. No easy feat. Check it out for yourself:

Wanna hear more? Of course you fucking do. Click the buttons to hear the things.

Pick up Mo’ynoq‘s new album Dreaming In A Dead Language from their Bandcamp and follow the band for tour news etc here.

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