Davey Suicide – Rise Above: A Video Breakdown


Jealous cowards try to control/Rise above! We’re gonna rise above!
They distort what we say/Rise above! We’re gonna rise above!

Davey Suicide is a nu-goth rock band from California (or as they put it on their Facebook page, “UnHollywood, Killafornia). Their name may sound familiar as they have been touring constantly for the past few years or possibly because you thought the guy from AFI had a new solo band. Recently, the band’s namesake put out a lengthy video (which has since been taken down) explaining their legal troubles with their former label StandBy Records. The video laid out point-by-point how StandBy Records, ripped off the band through reneged on contractual promises and misappropriated funds. Deathcore band As Blood Runs Black also suffered from being involved with StandBy Records.

Though not a fan, I genuinely felt for Davey Suicide. Being in a working band is incredibly difficult. It’s even harder when the people that are supposed to help you become a detriment. The lawsuit between the band and StandBy has since been settled and Davey Suicide have just released a new video to celebrate their emancipation from StandBy. Lets see how they celebrated their new-found freedom.

0:02: The late 90’s are alive and well my friends.
0:06: And before you ask, yes they’ve toured with Orgy.
0:10: Oh, my fists are up, but not for the reason you want them to be up.
0:15: Just looking at them makes me want to take a shower.
0:21: So this is what it sounds like when UFO pants form a band.
0:25: The keytar is the most sensual of instruments.
0:31: Now is probably a good time to name the members of Davey Suicide.
0:34: Davey Suicide (duh).
0:37: Needlz, who may or may not be Flea from Back To The Future II.
0:40: Drayven Davidson, which may or may not be his real name.
0:42: Niko Gemini, the best American Gladiator.
0:44: Derek Obscura. Hard to be “obscura” with a name like Derek.
0:48: I hope they get a discount from ULTA with all the makeup they’re wearing.
0:53: Sure are a lot of curse words in this song.
0:59: It’s like The Crow stuffed himself full of garbage juice and then exploded all over the band.
1:04: This band has more buckles and belts than an Uzbek airplane.
1:09: His hair somewhere between clumped spaghetti and the dust bunnies you find under your couch.
1:12: It’s like a Juggalo banged a dollar store Steampunk costume.
1:18: Oh, you’re sick of my shit?
1:24: This will be the new anthem of angsty 14 year-olds across all the fly-over states.
1:30: For a good time, speed this video up to 2.
1:34: Ewwwww kitten breath!
1:43: Ozzfest 2002 would’ve been all over these guys.
1:49: Same for one of the Coolboarders games for Playstation.
1:57: Don’t have a large budget for your music video? Just wiggle the camera around!
2:04: That unexpected high-note made this all worth it.
2:13: If I’m following the plot of this video correctly, the CIA knew that Internal Affairs was setting this up the entire time.
2:17: I keep expecting a Joel Schumacher movie to break out.
2:29: VampireFreaks.com: The Major Motion Picture
2:34: If they ever do another Spawn movie, Davey Suicide should definitely be henchmen.
2:42: Ghetto Mad Max would work too.
2:52: Vogue. Strike a pose.
3:00: The siren song for kids outside of Hot Topic that get told to “Move along” by mall security.

Davey Suicide’s new album Made From Fire will be out in 2017 via AntiSystem Records.

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