Don Songs – Sign of The Times: Prelude To An Orange Presidency


It’s impossible not to notice the dramatic shift in the way the United States has started to govern since on or around January 20th of this foul year of 2017. Some guy, let’s call him Don, got a job as a civil servant and he’s been anything but thus far. His orange glow is the opposite of an aura, it’s more like the Earth sans an ozone layer and it’s trying to melt everyone down with impunity. As luck would have it, some of the world’s best and brightest in the metal and hardcore arena saw this coming. Gazing into their crystal ball, they rightly predicted the decay of our democratic institutions by way of Idiocracy. So here’s some songs from the past that tackled some relevant issues of the present and give us all a glimpse into where we are today.

Immigration – “Pito Wilson” by Brujeria

Immigration has been a hot button issue in the US for many years because, as the Alternate Facts tell us, everyone that crosses into the borders of this country is an Islamic Mexican Terrorist from every other continent who is going to kill and rape everybody in sight. Just look out your window at all the carnage! Don says they are everywhere and they are making everything less great. We need more great and as we all know greatness comes from morally bankrupt plutocrats who have our best interests at heart. We’ve seen this movie before with then California governor Pete Wilson who introduced the infamous Proposition 187 in 1994 with the intent of undermining the rights of undocumented immigrants from Mexico. As time went on, logic and common sense prevailed. Prop 187 was basically told to eat shit by the voters of the state and as a result, the likes of Pete Wilson and his demonizing agendas are non-existent in California because the citizens of that state just don’t elect people of his ilk into positions of power anymore. The seminal track “Pito Wilson” by drug cartel themed death metal group Brujeria envisions a scenario where Latin Americans unite and revolt against Governor Wilson, ultimately assassinating him in the process. While Brujeria’s lyrics are spoken in Spanish, the intro of the track tells you everything you need to know about the song with Jello Biafra (of Dead Kennedy’s fame) taking on the persona of former Governor Wilson and it sounds just like a Don Rally. As the rhetoric becomes more hateful and disparaging, guns start blazing, chaos ensues and the musical beatdown of former Governor Wilson begins. Even though the track may be spare parts from Fear Factory’s Demanufactured album, it’s a well written song that makes you want to stick it to the man in the name of solidarity with the human race. Don recently Twittered his ass off about Pete Wilson. If you didn’t catch it, here’s an actual tweet from Don that actually happened!




 Oil – “Hell Comes Home” – Cursed

The wealthiest people in this country and around the world all love that dank crude that runs our automobiles. The United States has been going to war with other countries for decades now and much of the blood and treasure that has been expended in many of those wars has been for oil whether directly or indirectly. The current Sadministration has recently nominated as their Secretary of State, a man by the name of Rexxon Mobil. And if this tweet, is any evidence, there isn’t a drop of blood in his veins.


Cursed’s take on the for profit wars, “Hell Comes Home” was written and released during the George W. Bush presidency. Musically, the song is some vitriol-fueled crusty hardcore punk n’ roll with a strong Motorhead influence. This song not only has the fiery riffs we all crave, but it has the lyrics to back it up. And it’s with the words that make this song so powerful with a strong condemnation of the powerful for putting human lives in harm’s way so a select few can control a commodity all in the name of greed. The song alludes to post traumatic stress disorder with it’s closing chant of “When hell comes home, there’s hell to pay”. Why is this all relevant today? Because Rexxon along with the whole cast of characters in the totally White House probably want to get their hands on Iran’s oil as well. Some guy who thought Pizza Gate was a thing just put Iran on notice (Update – As of February 13, 2017, Totino’s Pizza Boy has been relieved of his duties as National Security Advisor). Notice of what was not expanded on, but you can bet your butt cheeks that Iran is gonna get it because Islam and oil and because powerful people want you to believe there’s a boogey man out to get you that can’t get you. Forget about WHEN “Hell Comes Home”, it’s already here. Rinse, wash, repeat.

Protest – “Uprising Nation” by Sick Of It All

Don’s vision of taking us all back his vision of a 1950’s Whites Are Us country have been met with fierce resistance throughout the nation since taking office. Just a day after his inauguration, The Women’s March On Washington took place and the turnout was easily three times the amount of people who attended Don’s inauguration. Don said the aerial photos were false and that people were in the bathroom at the time the inauguration photo was taken. Not only in Washington DC was this taking place, but there were marches of solidarity in many major cities across the country. Even before the election, a coalition of Native American Indian tribes in North Dakota protested the building of an oil pipeline on their native lands and were able to temporarily halt its construction. Don has recently issued a 140 character executive order that basically says, “Fuck those guys water” and resumes construction of the contested pipeline. Sounds totally well thought out and rational. How could anybody possibly oppose that line of thinking?

Sick Of It All’s “Uprising Nation” was written and released during the George W. Bush presidency (there’s that name again) in 2006. The band’s original motive behind the song was written in response to the government’s mishandling of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. In today’s political climate, the lyrics to the song read like a rally cry for people to stand up for their rights at all costs because sacrificing them may have dire consequences. This song should really be played wherever protests may be happening across the country because it very plainly points the finger at the uber-wealthy and how they use their power and control to suppress the rights of the masses in order to subdue them. If this recent rejection by the courts of a haphazardly slapped together attempt at denigrating an entire group of people based entirely on their religion is any indication, when the truth is on our side, coupled with common sense, logic and reason, we will prevail. Greenpeace probably said it best when they hung this banner in the backdrop of Don’s current residence to remind him and his people that if he thinks that he’s going to be able to totally dismantle democracy as we know it without a fight, he’s got another thing coming.greenpeace resist


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