Premiere: Nucleus Take Death To The Far Reaches On ‘Outpost’


An exclusive song premiere from this year’s finest death metal offering to date!

Over the course of this site we’ve covered approximately twelve-grousand & fourfty bands. Many of them are even what the kids call Good®. Others, are even above that. Let’s call them “amazing”. Nucleus are one such band. Now, I don’t have the official figures in front of me, but during the Toilet’s tenure I think the Chicagoanite-ians have quietly become the band who’ve had possibly THE MOST stand-alone features attributed to their wonky sci-fi themed death metal. And for good reason, they’re one of the few modern groups who you can indisputably say are doing something forward-thinking, while still operating within the confines of what most consider constitutes death metal. So today, it goes without saying that we’re extremely stoked as fuck to present the premiere of a new track from the band’s upcoming cosmic cavort Entity.

As we discussed on the Riff-Raff Podcast, and as Sepulcrustacean noted in his review, Nucleus have taken what was already a singularly stellar soundscape and significantly solidified the songwriting for this sophomore outing. The quirky single-note riffs are as unpredictable as ever, and the echoes of classic 90’s Finndeath still pervade, however all of the elements which previously made the band stand out among their peers have melded into an amorphous all-consuming celestial cloud. Sure, some passages periodically appear to sparkle, and individual sections shine, but from a distance is where the nebula is most impressive. Stick this in your scope and stroke it, or something.

Pre-order Nucleus’ Entity from Unspeakable Axe Records for its June 10th release
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