Edenbridge – The Moment Is Now: A Video Breakdown


Now is the time for me to rise to my feet. Wipe your spit from my face like these tears from my eyes.

I came across the Austrian symphonic metal band Edenbridge back when I was hosting a metal radio show in college. The thing that stood out most about Edenbridge was their album art. I mean that’s just…yuck. It’s permanently seared into my mind. I no longer know how to do algebra, but I remember this album art. Years from now, I will be found incoherently wandering the streets, unsure of where I live, but still cognizant enough to remember that artwork.

Luckily for Edenbridge, poor album art has not hampered their ability to continue as a band. In fact, they released a brand-new album about a month ago, with the backing of Steamhammer/SPV. Good for them! Let’s see if their aesthetic choices have improved in the past few years.

0:02: Sir? Your giant gears are on fire.
0:06: And your piano is being edited by J.J. Abrams.
0:09: Lovely dashiki.
0:15: I’m really hoping for a Clock King cameo.
0:23: Morgaine Le Fay is cool too.
0:27: Kids: Just say no to button-up vests.
0:34: Stranger danger!
0:39: Did they steal those giant clocks from the land of Oz?
0:45: She looks like the symphonic metal version of Ana Gasteyer with a dash of Maya Rudolph.
0:56: The male members of Edenbridge are all in various stages of growing out their teenage facial hair.
1:01: Where does one get a cloak? Cloaks ‘R Us? Cloak-Mart?
1:08: So that’s what happened to the smoke monster from Lost.
1:13: Weeeeeeeeee!
1:25: Bodies In The Gears Of The Apparatus.
1:34: I can’t tell if I like or am disturbed by the use of digital smoke.
1:39: On the one hand, yes it makes sense. On the other hand, you couldn’t just burn something?
1:47: I guess having an open flame near all of their flowing manes is probably not a good idea.
1:55: Not since the last Soulfly show has one string received so much love.
2:04: This video leads me to believe that Edenbridge just float through the ether, avoiding floating clocks and gears at random.
2:11: This is a serious workplace violation.
2:24: More bands need to employ the “gothic witch” look.
2:37: What is it with these types of bands using green screens so much?
2:43: Stand by an ocean or on a mountain or something,
2:49: Nature doesn’t charge by the hour.
3:01: Seriously. Someone please call HR.
3:11: That piano is 90% lens flare.
3:20: Those grabby smoke monsters turned her into a symphonic metal vocalist? Worse things have happened.
3:28: Man, Daylight Saving Time really messes the clocks up.
3:43: Symphonic llllllllllllladies.
3:55: “Nobody gets in to see the Wizard! Not nobody!”
4:09: Maybe one day the rest of the band will get to know the time.

Edenbridge’s new album The Great Momentum is out now via Steamhammer/SPV Records

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