Falling In Reverse – Fuck You And All Your Friends: A Video Breakdown


And fuck your fucking face while we’re at it.

Believe it or not, but Falling In Reverse have been around for almost ten years. That simultaneously feels extremely long and extremely short. Time is a flat circle and right in the middle is FIR’s frontman Ronnie Radke’s face. Radke has a history of trouble with the law and others, but musicians and labels still want to work with him. Maybe it’s something that those of us not into his music don’t understand.  Hmmm. Perhaps he is just so talented and charismatic, that nothing else matters. Let’s take a look at the band’s new video to find out.

0:01: Something we could all get behind.
0:06: Ronnie doesn’t like the drugs, but the drugs like him.
0:12: I was wondering what Rancid was up to these days.
0:16: The weather must have be extra greasy outside.
0:23: That’s the cleanest punk house known to man.
0:27: I’ll bet it doesn’t even smell like stale cigarettes, cheap beer, and piss.
0:32: Shaking the camera is easier than having a story for your video.
0:40: Careful with that mic, Ronald. You know how you get sometimes.
0:48: I always thought they were some sort of metal-adjacent band, but this is straight up pop punk.
0:54: All we need is the synchronized pogo jumping.
1:00: Anyone else find it weird that a 33 year old is singing about friends and friendship?
1:06: Everyone knows you stop having friends once you hit 30.
1:11: Sooner if you have kids.
1:17: This reminds me of the Always Sunny episode where Mac and Charlie get stuck in the empty pool.
1:24: Take his spirit out of this pool!
1:32: I keep thinking a My Chemical Romance song is about to break out.
1:45: It should come as no surprise that Falling In Reverse has played Warped tour several times.
1:57: “You kids ever shoot smack into both your eyeballs?!?”
2:04: Okay, we’re straight-up in Blink 182 territory now.
2:12: “This is the anthem, throw you fucking hands up.”
2:20: This entire video could serve as an anti-tattoo PSA.
2:27: The age recommendation for this song is 13-17 1/2.
2:32: Although, I’m sure there are some college frats that will be blasting this at Greek Week.
2:35: Honest, let’s make/This night last forever/Forever and ever/Let’s make this last forever
Forever and ever/Let’s make this last forever.
2:44: Good. Fire cleanses all.
2:49: Trying to put out the fire with Ronnie’s hair was a bad idea.
2:54: This isn’t part of the video. It’s actual band fight footage.
3:03: We don’t need no water, let your fucking friends burn.
3:10: This definitely constitutes as a parole violation.
3:13: I mean because of the song, not because of the assaults.

Falling In Reverse’s album Coming Home is available now via Epitaph Records.

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