Toilet Radio 409 – The Gender Critic


It’s the final (non-Patreon) episode of the year! We’ve reflected on our year and with all the sentimentality inherent in these high holidays, decide to rip into some real freaks. First up: Venom Prison has been accused of TERF shit – we investigate. Season of Mist and their dipshit PR lady decided to weigh in and provide some truly nasty transphobia on Christmas Eve. We dig deeper into the dreaded Season of Piss. The now former guitarist for Wormwitch penned a lengthy Substack diatribe about masculinity and gender and all kinds of dumb horseshit and then got fired. Violet Cold is having an extended meltdown. We dive into all of it and then we make some big predictions for the world of heavy metal in 2023. It’s a good one?

Music featured on this show:
L.O.T.I.O.N. Multinational Corporation – Cybernetic Super Soldier

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